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brindabellas |edge of light –  the debut film release from silver dory productions – is now available for purchase. This final complete version includes all five parts (remastered) plus previously unseen footage. (Note: the original five parts – summer, autumn, winter, spring and summer (returns) are also still available for rent or purchase separately.)

brindabellas | edge of light features the sky and landscapes of the Canberra region of Australia – in particular the Brindabella Ranges – captured in monochromatic (near) infrared.  This feature-length film (140+ minutes in total) focuses on the interplay of mountain light, air and water as these elements are transformed across the seasons – from clouds to mist, rain and snow – then frost and ice – and onto creeks and rivers. It explores both the wider montane vistas of the Brindabellas and the more intimate details of the natural flows that are created by these mountains and, in turn, shape the very landscapes they arise from …| more on brindabellas

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2015 is the the international Year of Soils – so we thought we’d get into the spirit and hang out with artist Natalie Maras over the last few months to film some of her beloved soil crust organisms and the art that they have inspired. With Natalie’s Interface exhibition now kicking off we put together a little piece about her art and biological soil crusts to help promote the show. | more

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silver dory provide a unique range of commercial / professional imaging servicesfrom specialised full-spectrum imaging to conventional photography and videography – including 4K / UHD video production and 4K / UHD stock footage and associated licensing |  more

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