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brindabellas | the edge of light

brindabellas has been the main ongoing silver dory near-infrared landscape film production in recent times – with over 18 months in the field filming and more than two years in production. From May 28 the project will be released ( initially) online in five parts – summer, autumn, winter, spring and summer (returns).

UPDATE | The complete (uncut) feature length brindabellas – edge of light will be available from September 30 (in several different versions – HD, UHD and 4K). More details soon.

brindabellas – part 4 | spring (HD) is now available to rent or buy through Vimeo on Demand (see trailer below).
brindabellas – part 3 | winter
 (HD) is available to rent or buy here
brindabellas – part 2 | autumn
 (HD) is available to rent or buy here
brindabellas – part 1 | summer (HD) is available to rent or buy here

brindabellas features the sky and landscapes of the Brindabella Ranges and surrounding region – particular the interplay of light, air and water as these elements are transformed across the seasons from clouds to mist, rain and snow – then frost and ice – and onto creeks and rivers… | more on brindabellas

brindabellas | part three | winter

NEW | Rise (Fall) from part two | autumn

NEW | part two | autumn| trailer – rent or buy now

framed print sale

Over winter we are having a sale on framed exhibition prints from several past series – starting with some Limestone and Karst Country pieces. These are pigment on cotton rag prints with Jarrah frames and are either no.1 of limited editions or 1/1 unique pieces | more

framed print sale | winter
commercial imaging

silver dory also provide a range of commercial / professional imaging servicesfrom specialised full-spectrum imaging to conventional photography and videography – including 4K / UHD video production and 4K / UHD stock footage and associated licensing |  more

commercial imaging services